Our Guides: 2019 Ikaria Retreats

(Each Retreat will have at least two guides)

Charlene CAPRIO

Charlene is co-author of the best selling guidebook for Ikaria, “Ikaria Island: Explore and Experience.” She can't stop exploring Ikaria's natural environment. She's led environmental projects in Greece and taught students environmental law. She's given international presentations about the law of the sea, climate change and the promotion of local Greek island producers. She loves walking Ikarian foot paths and connecting with the island's true nature. She advises non profits too. 

Valia Stefanoudaki

Valia Stefanoudaki

valia Stefanoudaki 

Valia Stefanoudaki is a marine activist, works with Sea Shepherd Global, and is collaborating with the Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute in Greece. She participated as member of the Pelagos Institute team in a marine survey of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research-Cyprus to assess the abundance and distribution of marine mammals in Cypriot waters. Valia also has established a group of activists against the captivity of dolphins and has participated in several demonstrations for the protection of wild animals and the sea.


Jason Clare lives in Greece and enjoys spending his time exploring Greece’s wild nature and also what lurks underwater in the Greek seas. He’s an avid scuba diver (soon to be a master diver), hiker, animal lover, swimmer, and leader of beach cleanups. Recently he made the life altering decision to leave behind his life and favorite pubs in England to live out his dream in Greece. He hasn’t looked back since.