Are flights included?

No. Our retreat participants come from all over the world. We leave the travel to/from Ikaria to you.

Are hotels included?

We are happy to provide a 3-star level hotel with your retreat purchase if you chose the hotel option. If not, we will give you a list of hotels that will be close to our activities. (Hotels usually cost between 60-80 Euro per night.) We recommend you stay in the village of Armenistis.

I am single/We are a couple. Is that okay? 

Absolutely. We accommodate both singles and couples. 

How do I sign up?

Go to our online Application page and Submit the required information. We try to respond within forty eight (48) hours. Then, follow the further information provided in our email.


Can I pick and choose what activities I attend?

Events during the retreat are optional. We understand if you prefer some more alone time. The retreat also has ample time for self exploration. We may need to get a head count for certain activities at least 1-2 weeks ahead of time for accurate planning with locals.

How do I get to Ikaria?

Flights run daily from Athens international airport and flight time is about an hour. Also some flights arrive from Crete. See the website for Aegean airlines and other local carriers.

Ferries run to Ikaria from Piraeus and other islands. See however, official ferry schedules are not released until a couple of weeks prior to scheduling.  

When Should i find a hotel?

As soon as you have sent us a deposit and plan on attending out retreat, we will secure your hotel if you chose that option. If not, we recommend you book your hotel once we accept your registration and deposit. The seaside village of Armenistis is close to restaurants, shops and beaches.  We will send accepted participants further information about recommended hotels and travel to Ikaria.   

How do I send in my deposit to secure my space on the Retreat?

Once you receive an registration acceptance email from us, you will receive information on how to send in your deposit and final payment, along with further information about the retreat.

What do I wear?

Ikaria is a very casual island. you can leave your fancy ties and heels at home. We will send you practical packing tips once you are signed up.

What is the food like?

delicious. divine. amazingly fresh. simple.

If you've forgotten what a real tomato tastes like, join us on Ikaria. Fish lovers, meat lover and vegetarians will all be thrilled.

What if I don't have a clear idea of what I want to learn about and explore?

Don't worry. The best discoveries are often the ones you couldn’t have anticipated. We just ask that you come with a general care for helping to learn about and protect the environment.

I can't come for 7 or 9 days, but only X days, is that okay?

Please let us know this in your application and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

I have certain allergies or restrictions, can I do the Retreat?

Please contact us directly with any allergies or health concerns and We will try to work with you to accommodate your needs. Please keep in mind that the program requires a general healthy condition and ability to walk in natural terrain. If you require any special care please plan appropriately.

How will I get around?

We will arrange transportation to our activities and excursions. Please note that our mountain walks require intermediate level hiking ability.

You may also elect to rent a car. Daily rates range around 40 Euro per day. Gas is about 60 Euro/tank. We can send you names of car rental companies to contact upon your request.

I have another question.... 

Please send us your questions here.

And Now .... Start Planning!