How do I sign up?

Go to our online Application page and Submit the required information. You will hear back from us within forty eight (48) hours if you have been accepted and there is a spot for you. Then, follow the procedures in our invitation.

What if I don't have a clear idea of the nature of my project?

don't worry. participants' projects are in all phases of development. some people have a preexisting project that needs an overhaul. Others are at the beginning phases. Our workshops, exercises and excursions are designed to creatively inspire artists, photographers, writers and ENTREPRENEURS no matter what phase of a project. our creative team can guide you towards perceiving your work in new ways. 

I've had this idea for a project for so long, but have no idea if it will work. What if it flops?

Don't worry. this retreat is designed to generate ideas, projects and the confidence needed to move any project forward. Participants may even find themselves coming to the retreat believing they are working on one concept and find that the essence of it is something very different.

Although many people will return home with a CRYSTALLIZED project, others may gain a fresh perspective that changes the way they approach their creative work.   

Can I pick and choose what activities I attend?

Events during the retreat are optional. You can pick and choose activities. everyone's process and experience is different. Some are more inspired independently, others are stimulated by the collective. the retreat has ample time for group and individual activities. 

Are flights included?

No. Our retreat participants come from all over the world. We leave the travel to/from Ikaria to you. We start the retreat at the hotel.

How do I get to Ikaria?

Flights run daily from Athens international airport and are less than an hour. also some flights arrive from Crete. see the website for Aegean airlines and other local carriers

ferries run to Ikaria from Piraeus and other islands. See however, official ferry schedules are not released until a couple of weeks prior to scheduling.  

When do i find out about the hotel?

The hotel will be located in Ikaria's seaside village of armenistis, close to restaurants, shops and beaches.  We will send accepted participants information about the hotel within 30 days of the start of the retreat. The accommodation level will be what most people would consider a comfortable '3 Star' hotel.

How do the workshops work?

The workshops are dynamic small group meetings led by a creative professional during which we will generate new material, and share ideas and work. Individual sessions with instructors will also be available.  

How do I send in my deposit for the Retreat?

Once you receive an application acceptance email from us, you will receive information on how to send in your deposit and final payment.

What do I wear?

Ikaria is a very casual island. you can leave your black tie and shimmering high heels at home. We will send you practical packing tips once you are signed up.

What is the food like?

delicious. If you've forgotten what a real tomato tastes like, come to ikaria. farm fresh reaches higher levels here. Fish lovers and VEGETARIANS WILL also BE THRILLED. vegetarians can enjoy SPECIALTIES SUCH AS SOUFIKO (a VEGETABLE STEW) ANd carnivore's MOUTHS WILL WATER FOR KATSIKAKI (LOCAL GOAT). RESTAURANTS AND GROCERY STORES are WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF THE HOTEL. 

I am single/We are a couple. Is that okay? 


I can't come for 10 days, but only less days, is that okay?

Please let us know this in your application and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

I have certain allergies or restrictions, can I do the Retreat?

Please contact us directly with any allergies or health concerns and We will try to work with you to accommodate your needs. Please keep in mind that The program requires a general healthy condition and ability to walk in natural terrain.


How will I get around?

We will arrange transportation to excursions such as hikes, festivals and the winery. Great beaches, walks and restaurants are within walking minutes from the hotel by foot.

You may also elect to rent a car. Daily rates range around 40 euro per day. We can send you names of car rental companies to contact upon your request.


I have another question.... 

Please send us your questions here.


And Now .... let's start creating!