Ikaria Retreat September 2017   Guides

Charlene CAPRIO

Charlene is co-author of the guidebook, “Ikaria Island: Explore and Experience.” Living in the mountains of Ikaria transformed her life. She loves to walk the footpaths, eat Ikarian food and dance the Ikariotiko. She balances a professional career with writing and nature explorations. She is also very interested in the protection of cultural heritage. (An article she wrote was recently used to pass a cultural heritage protection law.) Charlene also works passionately as a lawyer to further the missions of non profit organizations and start ups. She consults for a sail cargo project to transport natural products from Greek islands. Charlene is also writing a mystery novel that takes place in Greece.  She is excited to guide others on how to explore Ikaria to deepen their creative energy, confidence and skills.


Danielle WOLFFE 

Danielle is a full-time ghostwriter and journalist. She also has been a fearless and occasionally misguided traveler most of her life. Her greatest skill is creatively adapting. (Ask her about being a sled dog mushing guide, or selling volcanic ash sculptures.)  Her work appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered; and in print media such as the Associated Press, the Anchorage Daily News, the Huffington Post and the Elephant Journal. She has an upcoming piece in The Nation (May 2017). Her client’s books have been published by large and small publishers. She enjoys empowering people to tell important stories that belong not only to the individual, but also to the world. 

VAl sloan 

Val is a graphic designer and photographer who considers herself an adventurer, a wanderer, and an explorer. She’s one to embrace the art of accidental adventure which allows for organic experiences rather than a structured methodical approach to travel. Her work in design has lead her down an interesting travel path that embraces perspectives of the stranger, the visitor, the tourist, the local, and others. As a design educator, her coaching skills will help give you a balance to the creative assessment of place and experience in Ikaria encouraging your shift in place and creative thinking. As a designer, she can assist you in transforming your writing and art or photography into a visual narrative and/or artist book. She blogs about experience in place with Globetripping: the art of accidental adventure, which also has a companion 'zine.