Our Ikaria Wild Retreats 2019 are designed to give you a deep, reflective awareness of Ikaria Island and the Greek Seas. We offer daily presentations and activities to engage a community of intelligent, environmentally focused, and supportive people. Participants will also share their own ideas and interests.  

2019 Retreat dates (Choose 5 or 7 days):

May: 13,14,15,16,17 (18,19)

June: 3,4,5,6,7 (8,9)

July: 1,2,3,4,5 (6,7)

Sept: 16,17,18,19,20 (21,22)

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retreat example schedule


Day 1: Introduction to Ikaria and its unique characteristics; day excursion to a mountain village; farm-to-table lunch on a traditional farm with cooking lesson; protected area and Temple of Artemis at Nas beach;  dinner and dancing at an Ikarian panigiri (night festival)

Day 2: Morning walk in Ikarian mountains; visit to monastery; presentation on marine life and marine mammals in Greece; dinner at a restaurant near the sea.

Day 3: Walk through a unique Holm oak forest; afternoon free to explore; evening presentation on the forest and protection of flora and fauna in Greece; map out the constellations at night.

Day 4: Explore Ikaria's unique architecture; visit a hermit cave and monastery; learn about the 'anti-pirate' history of Ikaria; learn about the law of the seas.

Day 5: Presentation by local island producer(s); excursion to an Ikarian winery; open afternoon; evening of discussion and sharing; dinner together at a special restaurant; OR visit to Faros and walk to ancient Drakano Tower.

Optional Days 6 and 7: Travel to the other side of the island and experience Ikaria’s hot springs; star gazing at Drakano Tower, its capital village, the Rock of Ikarus and remote beaches.

 * The specific events and schedule may vary, depending on the weather and other conditions, but the above is a good example.


what you can expect:

- A dynamic retreat that will give you insider knowledge about Ikaria, Greece and the Greek Seas.

- An inspiring group of people who wish to learn about Greece's natural environments, the seas and islands.

- An international community that's gaining momentum to make an impact on protecting our seas, wildlife and lands.